Where would you like to sleep tonight? Map Cushions

My Bearded Pigeon is an Australian brand which stands for “love of vintage images and modern organic textiles”. In this particular post we would like to showcase a collection of vintage map pillows which are both creative and fun. The themed cushions feature maps of regions, countries and famous cities across the globe and could make for some original decorative elements. Moreover, their vivid color palette turns them into decor distracters, which are always good for spicing up the interior design of a particular room. Featuring tiny vintage maps of Paris, Chicago, New York, London, Sydney (and many others), the pillows could serve as an inspired gift for a traveler or for a friend with a strong passion for a certain city. According to Inhabitat, the products are available online at Etsy, for $ 50,81.

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awewonder on 18 Ekim 2012 03:03 dedi ki...

Its amazing to see this one.It's really a creative one. I like your Idea to put map in the pillows. It's helpful for some in two ways to remember geographical areas as well as to sleep. And cost of this product is just $50,81. So I think anyone can buy after visit you site and seeing this product.
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