0 Elegant Modular Lighting System

Link was created by Vibia Design and stands for an interesting system that suggests “the daylight entering through a skylight”. This modular design provides an architectural dimension to the object and is adapted to spaces of varying size and geometry. The system consists of four modules of different sizes and depths that combine in unlimited ways and orientations. The modules are electrically connected together. Due to energy-saving lamps, they are suitable for illuminating work surfaces. Here is a description from the producers: Like the skyline of a great city… The modules of the Link lighting system allow you to create silhouettes and volumes on the ceiling to suit every room and every location. We salute the versatility of this elegant looking system which can be adapted to almost any type of modern interior.

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1 Where would you like to sleep tonight? Map Cushions

My Bearded Pigeon is an Australian brand which stands for “love of vintage images and modern organic textiles”. In this particular post we would like to showcase a collection of vintage map pillows which are both creative and fun. The themed cushions feature maps of regions, countries and famous cities across the globe and could make for some original decorative elements. Moreover, their vivid color palette turns them into decor distracters, which are always good for spicing up the interior design of a particular room. Featuring tiny vintage maps of Paris, Chicago, New York, London, Sydney (and many others), the pillows could serve as an inspired gift for a traveler or for a friend with a strong passion for a certain city. According to Inhabitat, the products are available online at Etsy, for $ 50,81.

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0 Creative Chair

Designer Cody Stonerock is the mastermind behind this creatively composed chair. The Kurven Chair has drawn inspiration from the nautical sphere, allowing a comfortable seating experience and a modern, beautiful shape. The designer is a student at University of Cincinnati and one of his teachers gave him 10 weeks to create the concept of a chair and then construct it. And so the Kurven Chair was born: a surprising place to rest, made from a bentwood frame and leather upholstery. Imitating a hammock, the chair can be used with or without the leather upholstery, which can be removed or changed with the material of your choice. The leather has a canvas backside which prevents it to stretch more than it should. The designer explains how the construction of the chair works in your advantage: “The leather seat can easily be attached or detached from the chair. The leather is sewn on each end into loops. The loops are attached by being placed through slots in the wood and anchored with a dowel rod.”

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0 Luxurious Residence

Located atop the coveted “Bird Streets” area in Los Angeles, California, the fascinating residence on the Hollywood Hills presents itself as a one of a kind property with amazing features. In this highly exclusive area where the rich and famous own a lot of property, the residence we present today was recently remodelled. It features four bedrooms and five bathrooms, a breathtaking infinity pool within an interior courtyard that offers unequalled panoramas of the city. Worth almost 10 million dollars, the 4,000 square foot property offers an intriguing and glamorous lifestyle within its walls. Custom made super slim framed slider doors open the living space to the well-balanced interior courtyard. Technological features keep the house up to date: i-pod docks in all rooms, integrated CCTV, exterior speakers or the home theatre professional 3DLP HD projector. A beautiful art installation – “Sprout” by Nancy Braver – dominates the back yard landscape. The luxurious residence at 9010 Hopen Place is for sale at Ben Bacal‘s properties.

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0 Unusual Shelving System Turns into a Table

Trick Bookcase is an unconventional modular furniture set especially created for small interiors. Found on Homedit, the unit occupies very little space and its functionality is double: it can be used as a small shelving unit or a bookcase, as well as a small table for two- chairs included! The uncommon furniture piece is very easy to assemble and to convert from one design to another. Made from wood, it has a minimalist appearance and is highly adaptable to almost any type of modern interior. We couldn’t help but noticing a negative aspect. Even though we appreciate the originality of this product, in most homes both of the items (bookcase and table) are required simultaneously. We imagine it is quite difficult -once the unit is used as a shelving system- to remove all the books and make it a table. What do you think?

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0 Comfortable and Versatile Chair

Recycling has always been a fun activity but once you add creativity to a recycling idea, you get the Spinnaker, a classy and comfortable chair made from recycled boat sails. The chair is in trend with modern requirements of flexibility, functionality, comfort and design. A frame made from spring steel sustains the body of the chair and allows it to have flexibility and pliability. A cushion divided in three parts, each with a different degree of softness, ensures the right support for the body. The Spinnaker is adjustable and has a 360 degrees swing function, which allows multiple seating options. The cruising spinnaker sail served as inspiration for the design of the chair and the team even offers the opportunity to choose from a range of existing materials the perfect ones to construct your own chair. It was manufactured by the well known upholstery manufacturer, Hodnebo of Norway. The brief said “Create the relaxing feeling of sitting on a white cloud” and the design team managed to create a soft, comfortable product that can be enjoyed in any room of the house due to its modern appearance.

Source : freshome.com
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1 Home Office Furniture

More and more people are beginning to work from home these days and they find setting up a good working environment mandatory for productivity. An organized dedicated home office can help people prevent a work-leisure overlap and also help them maintain a good balance between the two. We have been particularly impressed with what furniture firm Hulsta had to offer in this respect. They not only create trendy teen rooms like the ones we featured yesterday but also produce some drop dead gorgeous looking home office furniture. Take a look at these arrangements. The chairs, desks, cabinets, computer, everything just fits in beautifully!

Source: home-designing.com
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